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Cheap China Jerseys.With the Jets swooping in for Watson, Buffalo changes course and takes Kizer, who had some monster measurements at the combine and put together an excellent season at Notre Dame. As mentioned earlier, the Saints are exploring Brandin Cooks trades. Coach Sean Payton says they’re looking to improve the defense, but that it’ll take a  significant return  for them to move the speedy wideout. If and when something happens, things could change draft-wise, but until it does, they have to get some help on the back end.China Jerseys. Tabor is the pick here. With the top three quarterbacks coming off the board inside the first 10 picks, the Browns make another defensive selection, pairing a cover guy with the pass-rusher they got at No. 1.New week, same pick, same reasoning: Michael Floyd is already gone. Larry Fitzgerald is back for one more year, but might retire at the end of the season. John Brown is great when he’s on the field, but he’s small and slight and the Cardinals don’t yet know how his sickle-cell trait will affect his play. J.J. Nelson is a burner but hasn’t shown much else yet. If the Cards can add the draft’s top receiver at No. 13, that’s a great get.NFL Jerseys Cheap.

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Wholesale NFL Jerseys.With free-agent and tradable quarterbacks rumored to be heading everywhere but New York, the Jets make their move by snagging Watson to be their QB of the future. After the release of Brandon Marshall, the next step will be finding Watson some weapons. As we wrote last week: If the Chargers retain Melvin Ingram in free agency (he has since been  franchised tagged ), get Jason Verrett healthy again and draft Hooker, they can sneak up on people with one of the best defenses in the league next season.Fournette checked in at 240 pounds while weighing in at the  combine , which is extremely heavy for a running back.Discount Jerseys. That didn’t stop the Titans from snatching Derrick Henry early in the draft last year, though, and we don’t think it’ll stop anyone from taking a shot on Fournette, either.  The Bengals badly need help defending the run, where Foster can provide assistance immediately. His athleticism would be a benefit in the passing game as well.Cheap Jerseys Supply.

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